Welcome to the Carolinian Hop Yard

Our Team ...meet the gang in the field!

We’ve been farming our own land for five years, which (to a seasoned farmer) might not seem like a long period of time; but we’ve both grown up in rural areas where having a summer job on a farm was not only the norm, but mandatory. From digging potatoes, picking strawberries and blueberries to planting, priming and processing tobacco, from a very young age, we both established an understanding of what hard work is and the importance of a good work ethic. We bring these attributes (and few other skills) to the table each and every day. It was also in those early years, that our love of the land and an overwhelming admiration of the earth’s ‘web-of-life’ actually developed, which made the decision to start farming simple.


A quest for great beer, a love of good food and the desire to create an example of agriculture that not only showcases but inspires others to embrace a similar mindset, is what prompted us to purchase a farm and start growing hops. We feel obliged to try and put the ‘culture’ back into the ‘agriculture’ of our local area. We strive to be an example for others who want to balance being an entrepreneur and a  steward to the land, whilst making a living by doing what they love.


Tim Wilson

: Owner | Educator | Farmer

Details: A professor, farmer, beer lover, traveler, motorcycle enthusiast and environmentalist… all at the same time!

Go-to Ontario Craft Beer: Railway City – Dead Elephant

Email: info@carolinianhopyard.ca

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Twitter Handle: @farmerosuburbia

Favourite U.S. Craft BrewerySierra Nevada (hands-down)


NOTE: Tim’s favourite cigars are Cuban, ‘natch (specifically – Maduro #5 The Genios); he enjoys long walks on the beach, with the wind in his hair and on occasion enjoys the company of a good book.



Melanie Doerksen

: Owner | Educator | Farmer

Details: Red seal chef, passionate about local, sustainable food/drink and heavily influenced by the principles of Slow Food

Go-to Ontario Craft Beer: Depends on the day; too many to choose from!!!

Email: info@carolinianhopyard.ca

Astrological Sign: Libra

Favourite U.S. Craft Brewery: Tie between Dogfish Head & New Belgium Brewing Co.

Twitter Handle: @TheHopFarmer


NOTE: Melanie likes anything by Prada; she rides a Vespa (circa 1987); has just finished reading Dan Brown’s Inferno (loved it!) and likes to collect Big Band and Jazz records.