Welcome to the Carolinian Hop Yard

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Our Location

We’re an organic hop yard located in beautiful Norfolk County, which lies in southwestern Ontario. Our farm is surrounded by “Carolinian Forest” – a unique area of the country that hosts treasures such as: the tulip tree, pawpaw, and rare southern flying squirrel. All of which creates a lush, ecological habitat for the flora and fauna in our local area that makes it so special.


The Farm

We’ve been growing hops now for six years and loving every minute of it! Each growing season is as unique as the hop plant itself. With each passing year, we become better at facing the challenges associated with the weather patterns, pests, and mildews that can devastate a crop. As always, we hope we’ll have great weather this growing season! We will not be expanding the yard in 2017; however, folks can look forward to a significant expansion to occur in 2018. If you are interested in what varietals we’re growing, or just have some basic questions about hops, check out our FAQ section!


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